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Climate change impacts people’s daily life no matter the place, age, background or wealth. Yet, the voices of people most affected by the crisis tend to be ignored in global politics. We want to raise awareness and create empathy for people experiencing climate change today.

This is why we collect personal stories from 100 people across different genders, ages and ethnicities from 100 countries around the planet. The stories will be compiled in one video and circulated globally.

100 Voices – One Planet is an art project and political campaign at the same time. We are student-driven, interdisciplinary, intercultural, political. Our first and foremost interest is protecting the autonomy and safety of our participants. We aim to be inclusive and all voices are treated equally. The opinions expressed by the participants are their own. We do not speak for the voices. The voices speak for themselves.


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Nigeria, has been experiencing high amounts of food produce as a result of food insecurity caused by climate change. There’s also been intensity of heats as a result of depletion of the ozone layer as well as proliferation of insects in communities.
From Nigeria
We have a huge issue with wasting food, this happens at grocery stores, schools , restaurants and in a lot of other businesses. This is a problem because a lot of lower income people could use up that food and it does not get used up.
From United States